Active and Passive Voice Mcqs

We must have obeyed our teachers.

A. Our teachers might have obeyed.
B. Our teachers might have been obeyed.
C. Our teachers must have obeyed.
D. Our teachers must have been obeyed.

Nobody can catch him.

A. He could not cought.
B. He can not caught.
C. He could not be cought.
D. He can not be caught.

They may win the battle.

A. The battle may won.
B. The battle may be win.
C. The battle may be won.
D. The battle may be won by them.

He can speak French.

A. French can spoken by him.
B. French can be spoken by him.
C. French can be spoke by him.
D. French could be spoken by him.

One-Trick Pony means.

A. Clever planning for enemy
B. Doing work dishonesty
C. Unlawful paropaganda
D. A person having one special feature, talent, or area of expertise

I must help him.

A. He must helped by me.
B. I must held him.
C. He must be helped by me.
D. He must get help from me.

Bilal will have closed the door.

A. The door would have closed by c.
B. The door will have closed by Bilal.
C. The door would have been closed by Bilal.
D. The door will have been closed by Bilal.

The police will have caught the culprit.

A. The culprit will have caught by the police.
B. The culprit have been caught by the police.
C. The culprit would have been caught by the police.
D. The culprit will have been caught by the police.

He will hate me.

A. I would be hated by him.
B. I will be hate by him.
C. I will hated by him.
D. I will be hated by him.

Awais will pass the message.

A. The message will passed by Awais.
B. The message will pass by Awais.
C. The message will be passed by Awais.
D. The message would be passed by Awais.