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General Knowledge and Most Repeated Mcqs

Q. Where is Allama Iqbal burried?
Ans. Allama Iqbad is burried in Lahore Outside of Badshahi Mosque.
Q. How many countries in SAARC?
Ans. Eight (8)
Q. Which is the Capital of Jordan?
Ans. Amman
Q. Fathers name of Jahan-Ara?
Ans. Shah Jahan.
Q. Which is the Second largest continent in world?
Ans. The second continent is African , first is Asia.
Q. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
Ans. Sikandar Mirza.
Q. Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan?
Ans. Liaquat Ali khan.
Q. Where is Mangla Dam built?
Ans. On Jhelum river.
Q. World Trade Center destroyed on?
Ans. 11 september 2001.
Q. Who invented Radio?
Ans. Guglielmo Marconi.
Q. Which is largest mineral found in Pakistan?
Ans. Salt.
Q. Where is largest Oil field in Pakistan?
Ans. Dhurnal Oil field it is in Punjab.
Q. Where is largest Gas field?
Ans. Sui Gas field it is in Balochistan.
Q. Largest Oil field of Sindh?
Ans. Khaskheli Oil field, Badin Sindh.
Q. Largest man-manned lake?
Ans. Keenjhar lake Thatta.
Q. Largest natural lake?
Ans. Manchar Sehwan Jamshoro
Q. Where is K-2?
Ans. karakoram range.
Q. Who wrote national Anthem?
Ans. Hafeez Jalahandri.
Q. Who built Taj Mahal?
Ans. Shah Jehan.
Q. which city is called city of lights in (Pakistan)?
Ans. Karachi.
Q. Why sialkot is famous ?
Ans. For Sports goods.
Q. How many members have security Council?
Ans. 15.
Q. National bird of Pakistan?
Ans. Chakor چکور .
Q. Which is largest province of Pakistan by area?
Ans. Balochistan.
Q. Which is largest province of Pakistan by Population?
Ans. Punjab.
Q. Where is Indus plateau?
Ans. Pakistan.
Q. How Much is distance between Moon and Earth?
Ans. 240000 km.
Q. Which Animal is famous for desert riding?
Ans. Camel.
Q. Which is second most populous country?
Ans. India and ,first is China.
Q. National Animal of Pakistan?
Ans. Markhor مارخور.
Q.Largest Dam of Pakistan?
Ans. Tarbela Dam.
Q. How many rivers in Punjab?
Ans. 5 rivers.
Q. Phalon ka badshah kise kaha jata hai?
Ans. Mango (آم).