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A local GP calls you in the emergency department, in respect to one of his patients, a 23 yo pregnant patient who is 37/40 gestation, whose blood pressure he has been closely monitoring over the past month. The family have called him and advised that his patient was feeling very unwell today. She then had a seizure. The ambulance are bringing her to you. He is unsure if she has had more than one seizure. This treatment strategy best applies?

A. IV fluids should be tempered to maintain UO > 0.5ml/kg/hr and keep CVP <8 due to the risk of acute pulmonary oedema.

B. Magnesium is the first line drug and the best form of seizure prophylaxis with reduction in cerebral vasospasm.

C. Diazepam is a second line agent only after magnesium to help control seizures, risk is respiratory depression of mother

D. Delivery is best form of treatment